What do the following figures represent?
1.12 – 3.21 – 7.12

Answer: they are percentages from Statcounter and show the usage share for mobile web browsers for August 2009, 2010 and 2011.

You might think that 7.12% is not a great amount, but when you consider that most websites render poorly in mobile browsers and offer a similarly poor user experience, it is a very significant figure. But look at that increase; what will it be next year? And, what would it be if more businesses actually designed their sites for the web?

According to a BBC Technology report on mobile use, half of UK internet users are accessing the web via their mobile phones.

The message, very clearly, is this: if you have a website (and few businesses don’t need one), how are you going to connect with this rapidly increasing market?

Mobile websites mean business: want to know more?

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