Is your website making money or costing money?

Discover how useful your website really is with expert analysis and a comprehensive review

neesh website review

What will you learn about your website from a website review?

Essentially, whether your website is working for you or against you.

You might also be surprised how a fresh pair of eyes can see things in a different way.

Maybe, you’ll get a deeper insight of what makes a website effective or not.

The first impression

Of course we lose that all-important first impression with things we are familiar with. We might not notice that something is perhaps a little awkward to use. It’s easy to navigate a territory we know well.

Or maybe, some elements of the styling don’t quite align with our business, or essentially, or target market.

It really doesn’t matter what you like, or even what your web designer likes — what matters is that your customers like it, does it connect with them?

These things can be very subjective and are influenced by opinion and feeling. Nevertheless. we must ensure that our own opinions, or our own feelings do not determine a website’s identity at the cost of upsetting our users.

So there are some aspects that are rather abstract, but others that are governed by well-proven rules. And the degree of adherence to these rules will determine how effective your website is.

You will get a full report, not only of an expert view, but also a report on some specific website quality factors, such as:

  • Search, can your website be found?

    Can your target market find you?

    The web is a crowded place. Many websites are like the metaphorical shop in the desert.

    Your shop can have the best coffee, the most comfy chairs, the most jaw-droppingly beautiful window display, the most attentive and helpful staff, but if nobody can find the shop; it’s all wasted.
    For example, if you search for ‘Web Designers’, the most popular search engine — Google — will show you the first page of about 25 million results. People don’t often look past the first page to see the other 24,999,990 results.
    Yes, it takes time and effort to get your website visible to the people looking for your products or services. But, there is plenty of scope for improving the prominence of a poorly performing website’s  position on the web. Your competitors will be working on their own website’s search performance with varying degrees of success. Do you know how your business compares?

    I can tell you.

  • Construction, does your website work — properly?

    If it doesn’t work, people won’t use it.

    Does the navigation or menu system work as intended?

    Can pages be found? Do images display correctly?

    Does the design hold together in various web browsers and devices? (your visitors will be using a wide variety).

    Does its design and structure follow correct standards?

    Not only do these things affect a user’s experience, but also, crucially, they will influence a website’s visibility and presence within search engines.

  • Speed, are your page-load times sending visitors away?

    Is speed, or lack of it damaging your website and your business?

    People have increasingly short attention spans, we often decide whether to stick around on a website within a second or two. One of the biggest turn-offs is unsurprisingly a delay in seeing what we’ve come to look at.

    Again, search engines use page-load times as a ranking factor. If your website is slow, even if it looks great, it will be penalised and pushed further down that very long list of search results.

  • Is it mobile friendly?

    Is your website responsive, does the design adapt according to the viewer’s device?

    How many of your website visitors are viewing your site from a mobile device? It could be a half or even more.

    How does your site perform on mobile devices? Devices with small screens and often slower connections.

    Google penalises websites that do not work well on smart-phones and other mobile devices.

    According to Netmarketshare, Google drives anything from 68% to 94% of search traffic on the internet depending on device.

  • Design

    Does your website look good and is it easy to use?

    Often overlooked, website aesthetics are crucially important to how your business’ brand and image is perceived online.

    What users see will translate into what they think of your business.

    It is of course not to easy to assess these subjective qualities.

    Function and efficiency are more easily measured — beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    Your website must connect immediately with your target audience. From there, after the initial engagement, it must retain attention.
    In personal communication, we call it rapport. If we are comfortable in someone’s presence, then we are more likely to like them and, importantly, trust them. We’ll also be more willing and perhaps even keen to stick around with them.

    The same applies to your website. The layout, the colours you use, the typography all contribute to an overall aesthetic appeal.

    Psychology Today stated that “researchers found that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on colour alone”.

    What does the typography on your site convey? Professionalism? Fun? Innovation? It will convey something.

    How well does your website communicate your business personality through its design?

    Does it engage people, or does it drive them crazy (and then away)?

Your website review

A thorough review of your website will show you in plain English, where your website is failing (and where it’s succeeding).

In essence, you will get an evaluation, in easy-to-understand language, of how effective it is in supporting your business — is it a help or is it a hindrance, or even worse: could it actually be damaging your business?

You will be given a list of any shortcomings, suggestions on how to address them and, if you need it, help in making improvements.

Any issues will be prioritised, some could be complex to fix, so I’ll help you decide what is worthwhile according to your own circumstances.

How much does it cost?

A standard review and analysis is £120. If I think it’s worth delving deeper, I will let you know. But you should obtain what you initially need to know with a standard review.

Why use me?

My background is in publishing, i.e. communicating with people from the page. I moved into technology as the need arose.
So, I’m not a ‘techie’, I’ve no desire to show off any programming wizardry.
Rather, I believe websites are about conveying your message, creating connections with your potential clients, removing anything that gets in the way, and using technology to achieve those aims.

What about fixing things?

Of course, you might have your own web staff, so I’m happy to be as involved as you want me to be, we can discuss more as you like.

What if everything is ‘A’ OK?

Great, you’ll know there’s one less thing to worry about and can get on with running your business. And I’ll probably be asking for the name of your web developer/designer to add to my list of useful contacts.

How do I order?

Just click the button and let me know your website address with the order.
You can securely use Paypal or a debit/credit card.

Any problems, or if you’d like more details, contact me.