Sussex Athletics is a regional adminstrative body of England Athletics.
The website had been created using the content management system (CMS) Drupal. Drupal is a very capable system and is widely used for developing websites. It can, however, be technically challenging to manage for editors and site owners who don’t have much web development experience.

WordPress, is much more widely used, has a much larger support base and is considerably easier to work with in my view.

A decision was made to migrate the site to WordPress.

The existing Drupal site was very complex and contained a huge number of posts (articles) and pages. Both Drupal and WordPress store their content in databases. Unfortunately, the databases structures don’t play well together and migrating from on eplatform to the other is an extremely complex task, especially with a site such as that of Sussex Athletics.

The project was very much a compromise between the need to simplify things and budget constraints.

However, ultimately, all the content and styling was transferred and editors now have an easier time managing the site.