is a large, busy resource for life and business learning.

The website has evolved over many years, and hence, the design was beginning to show its age. In particular the site did not perform too well on portable devices such as tablets and smart-phones. With Google’s mobile site update on the horizon, a redesign became a priority.

The site enjoys excellent search-engine rankings for many, many searches due to it’s comprehensive, authoritative, and trusted content.
For any website, high ranking pages are an extremely valuable asset. The main challenge, therefore, was to update the site without jeopardising it’s performance in search engines. It is widely accepted that radical site design will harm search ranking especially if site structure and URLs are altered (URL is essentially the web page address, defining its location on the web).

Also part of the update was to enable easy updating and editing of the various elements on each page, without having to edit or amend each page as was previously the case. Every page was radically altered and restyled.

I managed to achieve a move to a fully responsive, highly usable site, without changing any URLs. For a site containing well in excess of a thousand pages, this was a huge project. Nevertheless, when the change was made, there was no damage to the ranking of the website or its pages, and the site still ranked in first position for many highly competitive, high volume global web searches such as ‘body language’, ‘sales training’, ‘business networking’, ‘teambuilding games’, ‘cold call techniques’, ‘general knowledge question and answers’, and countless others.

In 2017 the site was redeveloped under new ownership.