Ferrari Dacia

How much does web design cost?

Not surprisingly, one of the first things we want to know before why buy anything is ‘how much’?

Like buying houses or cars, the cost of website design depends.
It depends on what you want or need; the degree of complexity and the resulting work involved.

A Ferrari LaFerrari or a Dacia Sandero? They will both get you there, but for that one Ferrari you could buy more than 183,000 Sanderos, yes 183 thousand.

So, your website costs are going to be determined by what you want and also of course by your budget.

The cost of creating of a website can range from zero to almost any number you can think of; the American medical insurance website: reputedly cost $292 million (and that one didn’t work when it launched).

At the other end of the scale, there are plenty of free options available providing various levels of functionality and premium add-ons for those with the capability and inclination to follow that route.

I can help you to decide what it is you want, or more importantly, need, once I know a little more about your own particular project ideas.
And once I know your budget, I can help you to ensure that it’s used in the best possible way.

So to find out more, get in touch.

Of course these days it really is easy to get a website

If you want to go down the completely free route then just head over to or Blogger; your website, hosting, domain name, in fact everything will be completely free of charge. You’ll even have plenty of control over the content and be able to edit it yourself.

But, what if you want a little more control, flexibility and perhaps appear a little more professional?

The next stop would be to register your own domain, buy some hosting and probably install WordPress on your domain.

WordPress is great, according to which statistics you read, about a quarter of all websites run on WordPress. It’s well-developed, almost unendingly versatile and very well documented. And, if you don’t use premium themes or plugins it’s free to use and adapt as you like.

Alternatively, you could learn html and CSS and build your site from scratch; it needn’t cost more than your domain registration and hosting fees.

It is a bit like building a house

Buy some land, create some plans, buy some materials and start building.
We are lucky these days because no matter what you’d like to do, you can find out or learn about it; the knowledge is literally just a few clicks away.
Fortunately, with housebuilding, regulations ensure that the finished product is fit for purpose.
So ideally, the roof won’t leak, the house won’t fall down, and it will be secure. As for its appearance, unfortunately there’s no guarantee that it will look great.

So: self build or hire a professional?

It depends; not everyone wants to build their own house entirely. Some things are best left to the experts.
Similarly, how your website takes shape depends on many factors;

  • the time you have
  • your own knowledge or your desire to acquire it
  • your needs: are you a hobbyist, or running a business
  • the budget you have available

But, the skills involved in building an effective website extend beyond the actual construction. Getting the site up and running is only the beginning.
And it’s from this point that many do-it-yourself projects fall down. Getting visitors to see a website is increasingly difficult, and there are many factors that determine the amount of traffic a site gets. It takes hard work too, not just at the beginning but also on an ongoing basis. Search engines like to connect users to sites that are busy, well-constructed, easy to use and regularly updated.

Need quick traffic to a website?

There are short cuts to drawing visitors. Pay per click advertising can be very effective at attracting highly targeted visitors. Visitors that are looking for exactly what you can provide them with. The major players are of course Google and Facebook, but there are plenty of other options too.

Advertising with PPC is highly configurable and the targeting options are almost limitless. A cost-effective online advertising campaign can turn a struggling business into one that can literally turn on and scale the lead generation process. However, it’s also easy to tip plenty of money into the PPC money pit, with little return.

If you need help with web design

If you have a project in mind and not sure which route to take — either with design or marketing — get in touch and I’ll be glad to help.