What we do

Our website service is for businesses and organisations in and around Heathfield and across East Sussex.

  • We’ll set up your site according to your needs for a small initial fee
  • We’ll show you how to take control of your site so that you can make changes easily and quickly
  • We’ll help you to market your site according to the type of business you run (a website is of absolutely no use if nobody sees it)
  • We’ll host your site (or advise you where to have it hosted) to ensure it’s facilities are up-to-date and your site is configured efficiently and correctly
  • If you like, we’ll remain on your side to assist as and when necessary for a small monthly fee

Design philosophy

We do not use technology just because it is there. And we are not interested in loading websites with flashing lights, bells and whistles just to conform to the latest wild and whacky trends.

But we are interested in communication, clarity and applying the right style for the job in hand.
No flashing, distracting graphics, or ridiculous, unreadable typefaces, or superfluous use of incompatible colours (just because they are there), or pointless style statements (like placing light grey text on dark grey backgrounds), or using technically stunning, animated sites that are impossible to read.

No, none of that, just tried and trusted methods to present your information to your target audience in a style they understand, relate to and are comfortable with — after all, isn’t that how you do your business?

Websites You Control


The fee structure is very flexible, you should only pay for the services you really want. It’s impossible to quote typical fees, because each client has their own unique requirements. A quick chat in person or over the phone will be the next step so that we can find out about your requirements, and you can discover how they can be met.

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